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Different Types of Road Hazards That Could Lead to Motor Vehicle Accidents in Los Angeles

You’re driving to work in Los Angeles, California, and suddenly you spot a piece of metal post on the ground in front of your vehicle. Your tire hits the metal and you end up swerving all over the road. Luckily, no one is hurt. This could have been a major accident though, not only because there was sharp metal sticking out to cause punctures in your tires but also because there were two other cars on the road that could have been hit as well.

However, luck may not always come on your way. And yes, road hazards can sometimes lead to serious accidents, resulting in injuries and long-term disabilities. If you were injured in such an accident, it is essential to hire an experienced attorney. A personal injury attorney will help you seek compensation for the damages incurred and deal with the aftermath of the accident.

So, what could be the factors that may cause such accidents? We have listed some road hazards that could possibly lead to motor vehicle accidents in Los Angeles, California.

  • Potholes and other dangerous road conditions

Potholes and other road conditions in Los Angeles, California, are major causes of motor vehicle accidents. Road conditions could deteriorate at any time. So, if you notice that a pothole has appeared in the middle of the road, it’s better to be cautious and not speed up.

  • Inadequate skid resistance

Certain roads in Los Angeles, California, may not have adequate skid resistance. This makes these roads more prone to accidents that might otherwise be avoided. Such roads need to be fixed immediately by local authorities.

  • Objects in the road, such as downed trees, power lines, and animals

Downed trees, power lines, and animals, such as squirrels, are some of the unexpected objects that could come in the way of your vehicle. These could lead to accidents because you would not be expecting them.

  • A lack of street lights or street lights that are out at night

Roads with poor lighting and roads where streetlights aren’t working could lead to accidents when it’s dark outside. These roads need to be inspected and fixed by authorities as soon as possible for everyone’s safety.

  • Poorly placed traffic signals

Traffic signals are placed on the road to control traffic. If these are poorly placed, they can lead to accidents. As a motorist, if you feel that a traffic signal is placed in an inconvenient place or impedes your movement, report it to authorities immediately.