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DUI in Honolulu: 5 things to do immediately

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is the most dangerous thing you can do. Besides the fact that you are risking the lives of many others, you could be facing severe consequences if charged and convicted of DUI. Hawaii laws are pretty stringent, even for those visiting this amazing state. Apart from hefty fines, you could face license revocation for up to a year, even for the first DUI conviction. What you do right after being pulled over by an officer is key to your case. In this post, we are sharing the four tips you must follow after getting arrested for a DUI in Honolulu.

  1. Stay inside the car. You have been asked to pull over by an officer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to step out and talk to them. Wait for the officer to come to you. Unless you have been asked to get the window pane down, don’t do anything at all.
  2. Don’t lose your calm. It can be intimidating to deal with the officer’s questions. You may even find that they are rude to you for no reason. However, do not act unreasonably. Retain your calm and be nice to them.
  3. Don’t answer everything that you are asked. People often find themselves dealing with unprecedented stress when stopped by a police officer for DUI. As a result, they end up saying things that incriminate them. Yes, you should try to be cooperative, but you also have the right to remain silent, which means you don’t have to answer every question.
  4. Don’t mention the minor details. Sometimes people want to evade the situation and end up saying something, assuming that the officer will “let them go.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. If you merely mention that you had a beer a few hours back, the officer will use that against you. The officer doesn’t need to know where you were the day before or if you had a party with friends.
  5. Talk to an attorney. You have to look for a lawyer you can trust for the job. You have the right to an attorney, and if the officer denies you that, you may use that in your defense. Ensure that you speak to the lawyer in private and be honest with the facts. Experienced DUI lawyers know what it takes to defend clients in different situations.

Don’t delay seeking legal expertise when charged with DUI. You have to act early!