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How will My Personal Injury Lawyer Charge Fees? – Some Key Facts

Many people don’t hire an attorney in the first go because they believe that they have to spend a lot of money to pay them. If they don’t hire, they have fewer chances of winning the case and no money can be received. That’s why, it is important to contact Orem Personal Injury Lawyers so that they give you the best possible solution. If you are concerned about the fees of a personal injury attorney, you should read on and find out some important facts:

Percentages of contingency fees

It is a well-established fact that most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency agreement in which they charge a portion of the amount received as compensation. However, the percentage varies from one lawyer to another. Mostly, it may vary from 25 to 40% of the awarded amount. It depends on several factors as mentioned below:

  • Sliding scale- There may be instances when the settlement of the case occurs before it reaches trial. In this case, the lawyer may charge less than or the standard 33% of the amount of compensation.  It majorly depends on the stage at, which the case is resolved.  On the other hand, if the case is filed in court, the lawyer is likely to get more percentage of the awarded amount. The percentage maybe 40% of the total amount. If the case reaches trial, this percentage may go up. That’s why, it is suggested to consider the cost of hiring a lawyer if it reaches trial. This may be one reason people prefer settling the case outside court.
  • Expenses and costs associated with the case– The expenses may be considered as the due amount in the case. If the injured person has to look after the expenses such as medical costs, postage, filing charges, investigator and the expert’s charges and court fees. All of these dues will be totaled and subtracted from the compensation amount. at the end of the case when the injured person has won the case, the attorney will receive the percentage of the amount received as his fees along with these dues. The rest of the amount will be given to the plaintiff. 

It should be noted that your attorney would receive the check of compensation. This practice is followed to ensure that the lawyer receives the fees for his services. It eliminates the risks of not getting paid after the person has won the case.