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Questions to Ask Before Hiring Litigation Lawyers in Denver

When times are tough, the benefits of litigation lawyers in Denver can be too good to turn down:

They build a solid case for you and help to create a set of expectations for both parties. This helps determine how negotiations will proceed and what winning and losing looks like.

They help you get the justice you deserve. Hence, they are great for protecting your rights and getting justice for your goals.

If you need litigation lawyers in Denver, there are some important questions to ask. Depending on the type of legal matter and the severity of your case, it may be best to speak to a number of attorneys before making a final decision. This quick guide can help you begin with some basic questions to get you started.

Question 1 – What type of legal matter do you handle?

As a general rule, you will want to speak to a variety of lawyers about your particular situation before making a decision about hiring. Some are better suited for general legal matters. Others might be better suited for more serious matters requiring a deeper understanding of the law. As such, it is important to speak with several lawyers about the nature of your case.

Question 2 – Do you have any recommendations or references I can speak to?

Many attorneys have their own connections within the legal community. If a lawyer recommends another lawyer, it can be a sign of confidence in their abilities. If a lawyer does not have any connections to other attorneys or does not have any recommendations for you, it may be best to look elsewhere.

Question 3 – Are you going to take this case?

Some lawyers will take cases based on contingency agreements. Others will only commit to taking a case if the matter is settled or goes to trial. You should know how much of your time and money you are going to be responsible for and if the lawyer is available for follow up with you.

Question 4 – How much do you charge?

Litigation lawyers in Denver will charge a variety of fees for their services. Others may only take a percentage of the settlement or go-to-trial amount. There are many factors involved in fees. Some lawyers have lower prices while others provide more experienced representation at greater rates. It is important to speak with several lawyers about the fee structure before making a decision.

Question 5 – Can you give me any information about my case or the legal process?

Lawyers are obligated to keep client privacy. But many will be willing to give you basic information about your case or explain the process involved in pursuing justice. This can be a great way to get some preliminary answers before speaking with other lawyers or making a final decision.

Question 6 – Why should I hire you and not another lawyer?

The best lawyers are ones that can speak confidently about their own abilities and can adequately answer these important questions for you. An attorney will be able to identify your situation quickly and know how to address it efficiently. A lawyer that is unsure about the law or isn’t sure what legal matters typically occur in your case may not have the skill to provide a perfect fit.

To conclude

Hiring litigation lawyers can be challenging. The answers to these questions will help you lay a foundation to decide if your chosen lawyer is suitable for your specific case.