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Should You Hire a Philadelphia, PA Personal Injury Attorney or Handle Your Own Case?

If you suffered an injury because of a careless or negligent party, you may be able to recover compensation for all of your losses. But personal injury cases can be complicated, especially as you have to stand up to insurers and the negligent parties. Thankfully, you can level the playing field if you have one of the best Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys representing you through the process. Read on to know why it is best to hire an attorney instead of working on your claim:

Claim or Lawsuit Filing

Filing a personal injury claim or a lawsuit is a complicated legal process, especially for somebody who does not have much legal knowledge and experience. For personal injury lawyers, filing a lawsuit is a routine task. If you handle your case on your own, you will need to research how to accurately word and file your claim. In addition, a lawyer is aware of all applicable deadlines and will file your claim on time.

Accident Investigation

A thorough investigation of your accident is important to determine liability. Any mistake made during this process could lead to you being denied the compensation you deserve. The at-fault party and their insurer will try to blame you for causing the accident and your injuries. 

You may not have the resources to perform an extensive investigation into your claim. But an attorney has the necessary resources they can use for revealing the truth of what took place. They will collect evidence such as police reports, photos or video surveillance, eyewitness statements, and safety records. A lawyer has done it before, so they know how to go through the investigation process and get the important information they need for your claim. 

Settlement Negotiations

Insurance providers are hard to deal with. They can use tactics to avoid paying out compensation for claims. Usually, they will make low settlement offers, hoping that you would accept them and move on. As an injured accident victim, dealing with the insurance company can be intimidating. But an experienced attorney has been doing this for years and can handle back-and-forth negotiations with the insurer, ensuring you get a reasonable settlement. And if such negotiations fail, your attorney is always ready to take your case to court. 

Trial Preparation

Should your personal injury case end up in court, you will have to go through different processes such as the discovery stage, depositions, mediation, and others. Court trials are serious and you may not know what to do to increase your chances of winning a verdict. A lawyer can fully prepare your case to be heard before a judge or jury.