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The Legal Aspects Of Recording Communication

Since the pandemic started, a lot of communication has been done through different digital platforms. May it be online classes, job interviews, work meetings, online shopping, attending a seminar, workforce, and more.

A lot of employees from different companies have been subjected to a work-from-home setup. Since there is a lot of communication done online, how sure are you that those conversations you had on the phone, video, and or even during call monitoring will be kept confidential? Or whether it is legal to record a phone call or not. Some clients demand to record so that they can use it if some issues arise that need to be disputed. There are also cases that clients have become aware that other parties have recorded their conversation without them knowing it or their consent. This usually happens in a workplace which seems to be normal since it is readily accessible to record a conversation between employees using smartphones and other technologies. It can also happen in the case of disputes between co-workers or between employers and employees.

Companies use various digital platforms for their employees to communicate and for business operations such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, etc. When you record voice calls or record video, it entails certain laws and regulations that you must comply with. The most important key of doing the recording is asking for consent from other parties that are involved in a conversation or phone call before recording it. There are laws and regulations to follow wherein you can proceed on recording once the other party already gives consent. Some other federal laws state that all parties must give consent before proceeding with the recording.

Since recording communications have been backed up by federal and state laws, you must be aware of the scope and limitations of doing so. The risk of criminal prosecution is strong if you will not be careful and not knowledgeable on these laws. It can also be used against you by other parties involved which will cost you a sum of money due to civil claims.

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