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Types of Water Pollution and Its Effects on the Mankind

Water-borne diseases are common. Infants, children, adults and seniors get infected by the polluted water causing nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Water is the major element that we intake on a frequent basis. In case, it is not safe for drinking, we are bound to get several health complications. This has been in practice for several decades. One of such incidents is the Camp Lejeune incident in which many people got infected with the pollutant water. Below mentioned are a few types of water contamination:

Agricultural water contamination

We cannot live our lives without growing our foods. All parts of the continents have different vegetation and crops, which give us food and shelter. However, these crops get spoilt if they are attacked by insects and harmful pests. To keep them at the bay, spraying of pesticides is required, which contain hazardous chemicals. Mostly, these fertilizers contain hard chemicals, which are not easy to break. That’s why, they have adverse effects on human beings, birds and animals.

Wastewater and sewerage system

Wastewater is the water from our sinks, toilets and showers. It also contains chemicals and waste materials such as leftover foods. However, waste materials from industrial, commercial and agricultural activities contain more harmful elements. They not only affect the human beings but also the entire wildlife. Statistics show that more than 80% of wastes are untreated and go back to the environment. It comes back to us in the form of rains, river water and oceans.

Oil pollution 

We are not aware of the fact that our cars, trucks and all automobiles drip the oil and gasoline on the road that gets washed off from time to time. The petroleum contains harmful chemicals, which do not break down as they enter the sewerage systems or lakes. Besides that, oceans are the major source of transportation these days and they connect several continents. The cruises and ships also cause water pollution to a great extent as oil may drop off from them.

Radioactive substances

Many radioactive substances such as Uranium break down naturally in the environment and cause contamination. Nuclear power plants, uranium mining and military testing units can cause contamination in the environment, which enters into the water through rains and sewerage systems. If the water is not treated properly, it can cause various diseases in human beings.

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