Whenever we take any type of insurance claim, we take it with the idea of preparing for the worst. If the worst becomes reality, we know we can rely on the claim to help us through this. The insurances are taken by us to give us some peace of mind in stressful situations. But the reality is far from that. When you are suffering from a long-term disability, there are chances of the disability being denied. In such instances, you need to turn to reliable lawyers like those at Gertsoyg and Company. Give them a call for a free initial consultation. Their experienced lawyers will listen to your case and educate you about your rights and the options available. Whether the claim has been denied or planning to file for one, having a lawyer by your side is imperative. They are well aware of how the system works and will guide you through it. It is crucial to understand long term disability claims.


What is long-term disability insurance?

Also known as peace of mind contracts, Disability insurance Policies and Critical Illness policies require you to pay a portion of your income. This lost income is then used to pay you a premium when you have become disabled from working. The disability could be due to illness or injury. Insurance companies have a list that specifies the illnesses and injuries included. There are two types of disability insurance. Firstly, the individual plan or policy in which the premium is paid by the individual privately. Secondly, is a group plan or policy where the insurance is included in the employment package.

When do you qualify for benefits?

One qualifies for long-term disability benefits after the period of short-term disability is over. If you have been unable to perform substantial duties related to your job for more than 24 months, you might qualify for benefits. One might also qualify for benefits when they are unable to perform substantial duties of any occupation after 24 months due to severe or prolonged disability.

Why has the claim been denied?

Most of the time, the reason given for denied claim is either lack of medical proof of the disability or lack of medical attendance. It could be both together as well. It is essential to have a lawyer. The lawyer will reach out to your physician to gather information about medical disability. If required, they might also send you to independent specialists who will assess and help to prove the disability.

Why should you reach out to a lawyer?

Insurance companies, CPP and WCB are known for denying long-term disability claims. They do that with hopes that the claimants won’t pursue the matter further. When the claimants hire lawyers to fight for their rights, the chances of receiving the deserved claim increase. These policies are taken up with expectations that they will help. When the claim is denied, it is a breach of trust. The lawyers will pursue the claim and even press claims for punitive or aggravated damage.