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What are the common types of diagnostic errors in delayed cancer diagnosis cases?

If your doctor did not understand the symptoms and that causes a delay in the diagnosis of cancer, then you are prey to medical malpractice. Delayed diagnosis of any disease is serious, especially cancer. In cases like this, you can approach a local law firm dealing with medical malpractice cases and get a lawyer to help you sue the doctor. But it is an extremely difficult case to prove. You can hire a team of medical malpractice lawyers in Utah to help you fight (insert under “Can I sue for the delay in diagnosis?” 

The big diagnostic errors

A study conducted by the researchers of John Hopkins University, Baltimore, provides data and analysis of diagnostic errors in three areas with serious misdiagnosed injuries. It also identifies 15 conditions. The operation was termed “The Big Three,” which includes diagnostic errors leading to death or permanent disability, infections, vascular events, and misdiagnosed cancer; 13.5%, 22.8%, and 37.8%, respectively. 

The 15 conditions that include the misdiagnosis are lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, sepsis, skin cancer, prostate cancer, pneumonia, spinal infection, endocarditis, colorectal cancer, venous thromboembolism, and aortic aneurysm, and dissection, meningitis and encephalitis, and breast cancer.

Can I sue for the delay in diagnosis?

Most of the victims feel that they will fail in providing the doctor’s fault and do not proceed with their case. The role of filing medical malpractice cases is not only restricted to getting compensation. But filing a lawsuit, you can ensure nobody suffers the way you are. 

Suppose a doctor is making a mistake and does not report it; they will keep committing the same mistake repeatedly. Filing a lawsuit will make the doctor and other medical professionals involved with the case pay attention. It will change their approach to treating the patients and avoid similar mistakes in the future. It will further help other individuals not go through the pain and harassment. 

Apart from increasing carefulness, filing a lawsuit will help you recover the financial blow you are facing due to the doctor’s mistake. The compensation will include coverage for your medical expenses in the present and future, loss of wages, and loss of the ability to work further. Along with this, you can also claim compensation for non-economic damages like mental and emotional trauma. Get a clear picture of what you will be getting and if it is a good idea to pursue a lawsuit by talking to an experienced malpractice attorney.