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Why is estate planning necessary? A basic overview!

Planning your estate and setting up a trust fund are the fundamentals that you should be doing before making a will. Wondering why? Well, there are certain legalities and rules and regulations that have to be followed so that your will cannot be challenged in court.

Here’s a quick post that sheds light on the matter and establishes the importance of hiring estate lawyers. Dive in!

It’s important for your security  

Planning the estate should be on your list for your security as that of your family. 

If, god forbid, an accident leaves you bedridden and you’re not in any condition to make your own decisions, you will need someone who would take care of all your needs. 

Naturally, that someone will be somebody you trust the most. Only an experienced lawyer like a Litvack Dessureault LLP estate lawyer can ensure that the legal documentation is authentic. Your lawyer must make sure that the person you choose gets the legal authority to run your business, make financial decisions on your behalf, and more. 

It’s the only way to keep your family intact 

Having your wealth disturbed amongst family members is the only way to keep your family from falling apart after you’re gone. 

Siblings and even spouses engage in legal battles when they believe that the will isn’t validated. And legal hassles can be tedious and tough on the members of the family. 

When you hired lawyers while you were alive and all the paperwork like letters of verification through notaries have been done, your will will not be challenged in court. 

Your property should be distributed as per your wish 

The reason that people establish trust funds and even have a board in the first place is to make sure that their assets are used in the manner they wanted them to be used. 

You earned it, who it goes to should be your decision not that of anybody else. 

Clearly, your lawyer will be your biggest asset in such a case. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose a law firm precariously. 

Here’s a quick checklist that you must focus on in order to hire the best estate lawyers in your city.

  • Look at the services they offer: elite ones will work closely with the notaries, prepare letters of verification and will, etc.
  • A trustworthy lawyer will prepare the probate of the will. Always remember, the court will grant the probate only to the executor that you named in your will. 

Clearly, it’s the experience of the estate lawyer that’ll matter the most in every way. So, be picky and dig around before hiring one for estate planning.