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5 Tips for Preventing a Bicycle Accident

Driving a bicycle on a busy highway or street can be far more dangerous than it appears at first glance, especially if you are alone. When riding your bicycle, always exercise caution and remain aware of your surroundings and what you should do in an emergency!

A bicycle can be a very significant asset in some situations. Providing transportation for young people before they are old enough to drive allows them to make shorter excursions to a friend’s house or get to and from school more quickly and efficiently. Cycling, on the other hand, may be considered a fun method to get some exercise and keep in shape while avoiding the high impact stress associated with other sports such as walking or jogging.

Unfortunately, because so many people ride bicycles on congested roads, they put themselves and others in danger by doing so. In cities all around the United States, according to Hensley Legal Group, bicycle accidents are widespread because automobiles do not always share the road with cyclists as they should. A passing car’s modest slip onto the shoulder or into a bike lane might result in a bicycle rider being struck in a very short period of time. A car who makes an abrupt turn onto or off a roadway may miss a rider, collide with them, and cause catastrophic harm.

In just one year, approximately 51,000 bicycles were wounded in motor vehicle collisions across the country, according to estimates. 8,000 of them were under the age of 14, accounting for 17 percent of the total. At least 630 individuals died as a result of these bicycle accidents. It is impossible to make drivers pay attention and keep an eye out for bikes, but there are precautions that riders can take to protect themselves. Riders who are familiar with Florida’s bicycle rules, as well as those who follow safety recommendations, can avoid being part of these astonishing figures.

In order to avoid or decrease the severity of a potentially fatal bicycle collision, you should adopt the following five easy precautions:

  • Always make sure you wear a helmet! Bicycle riders and passengers under the age of 16 are required to wear a helmet that is properly fitted and securely fastened, and that fulfills the requirements of a nationally recognized standard. According to Florida Statute 316.2065(3), Wearing a helmet can keep you safe even if you are past the age of 16.
  • Turn off your iPod! 3. Bicyclists in Florida are not permitted to use headsets or other listening devices while riding their bicycles on public roads. Because automobiles are unable to hear you, it is vital that you be able to hear them!
  • Make use of bike lanes wherever possible! Bicyclists are required to utilize a clearly defined bicycle lane if one is available. In addition, sidewalks can be a safe choice; but, if you want to use one, make sure to follow all pedestrian restrictions.
  • Make use of the available light! After sunset, bicyclists are required to illuminate both the front and back of their bicycles with lights. Check to see whether drivers can see where you are!
  • Follow the “Rules of the Road” to the letter! A biker riding on the road is required to adhere to all traffic laws and regulations, including driving on the right side of the road and following all traffic control devices, such as stop signs and traffic signals.

Staying vigilant and following the rules of the road, as well as these safety tips, will help to lower your chances of being harmed in a bicycle accident.