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Types of Injuries Included in the Personal Injury Law In Conyers 

If you have undergone the physical pain of a personal injury, then you would realize how important it is to hire a personal injury lawyer in Conyers. You can hire reputed Conyers accident attorney like MG law. They have been in the field of fighting for their clients for many years. Their team of experienced lawyers is hellbent on getting you justice. 

They represent their clients in a variety of cases like truck accident cases, car accident cases, wrongful deaths, workplace injuries, auto accidents, DUI accidents, premises liability, pedestrian and bicyclist accidents, etc. They understand that going through such injuries is very painful in more than one aspect. 

While you will undergo physical pain till the wounds heal, the wounds on your mental peace and financial stability will heal only with time. you are likely to miss the working hours too. In many cases, the injury can lead to a permanent loss of the ability to work. This puts the entire family in a vulnerable position and can push them to poverty. 

In cases where the injuries cause the death of the injured, the wounds will never heal. Losing a family member due to the fault of another is a pain that can never be explained and is very difficult to bear. In such cases, negotiating with the insurance companies for your well-deserved compensation will be no less than a nightmare. 

Which injuries fit into the definition of personal injuries

Any injury which was ensued by the intentional, negligent or reckless behaviour of one can be termed as a personal injury. These are covered by the law of strict liability. Here is a list of the common types of personal injuries:

1- Auto accidents

2- Slip and fall

3- Wrongful deaths

4- Premises liability 

5- False accusation 

6- Drama shop liability

7- Infliction of emotional distress

8- Medical malpractice

9- Assault

10- Product liability

11- Battery

12- Police misconduct, etc. 


Whenever you find yourself or your loved one in a personal injury, the first thing that you should do is to contact a lawyer. Lawyers are in the best condition to help you. Even though it seems very plausible that you may handle the case on your own, there are many contrivances and nuances to the law, which you are unaware of. 

In such a case, you may end up screwing the case and causing more damage than good. Thus, you should avoid being a bull in the China shop and hire an expert attorney.