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Industries With The Biggest Fall Risks!

People with white-collar jobs do not have much to worry about when it comes to accidents and injuries in the workplace. The chances of suffering a severe injury are negligible at best. While sitting at a desk and working for hours comes with its own risks, experiencing a permanent injury is usually not on the totem pole. 

On the other hand, there are specific industries where the working environment has a high risk of injury. It is unfortunate that people have to face real dangers and put their lives at risk to earn a livelihood. If you or your loved one has been exposed to injuries at the workplace, workers’ comp can help cover the damages. Speak to a Rutland VT Workers Compensation Attorney today. 

Industries with the biggest fall risks 

  • Construction. 

One of the most dangerous workplaces is construction sites. Employees often have to deal with dangerous materials and chemicals, climb high ladders with a risk of falling, operate complex vehicles, etc. All these factors increase the risk of injury. According to the estimates, half of the accidents that happen in the United States are related to falls.

Workers who are relatively older than the others are more at risk. The construction industry has taken various measures to ensure safety, but not all employers adhere to them. Human negligence still remains the biggest culprit of injuries. 

  • Manufacturing. 

The manufacturing industry handles several other small industries, such as food, textile, furniture, etc. With so many paths under one umbrella term, there are several paths to an injury as well. The manufacturing industry requires workers to handle various complex tasks, such as operating heavy-duty machinery, handling dangerous chemicals and other materials, etc. 

Like the construction industry, the manufacturing industry has also taken various measures toward safety. If one maintains these, the chances of injury gradually decrease. 

What are the common causes of falls?

Here are the most common reasons why life-threatening falls occur in the workplace. 

  • Employees working in cramped conditions
  • Lacking safety equipment
  • Using equipment for unintended purposes
  • Lacking safety training
  • Old or outdated equipment
  • Employees not minding other workers when sharing close quarters with them

In some cases, falls can occur in the workplace due to unusual circumstances. Nevertheless, it is an employer’s duty to ensure safety in the workplace as much as possible. They must regularly work to lower the fall rates. 

You may be eligible for workers’ comp insurance if you have been injured in the workplace. Speak to an attorney in Rutland, VT, today.