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Thai Law Government physiques Continue Safety Enhancements, New 911 Emergency Hotline To Obtain Launched

The 911 national emergency call number follows a draft legislation stating really the only emergency call number that folks call throughout Thailand being qualified with the cabinet and passed into Thai law.

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Government deputy spokesman Maj-Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd pointed out getting just one emergency call number may help prevent confusion introduced on with the different emergency call figures that are used now.

The present emergency figures like 191 and 1669 it’s still used, but calls to the people will most likely be instantly redirected to 911.

In June a totally new police emergency assistance mobile application premiered, for those who require urgent police help so that you can alert an offence. The “Police i lert u” application was created as being a funnel that folks communicate instantly while using the police. It may be downloaded free on Android and IOS systems. People who use application have to register first to get involved with the service.


In launching “Police i lert u”, Pm Prayut Chan-ocha pointed out getting only one click within the emergency service across the application loaded within the smartphone, police would arrive to assist within ten mins. He pointed out 5,000 patrol police stationed at 88 police stations throughout Bangkok can acquire the alert inside the click concurrently.

The service would first be launched in Bangkok as being a pilot project then be expanded to pay for major towns within the provinces.

The pm cautioned any false call or foul play might be tracked easily by Gps navigation navigation navigation tracking and those that created a false call may be penalized. Likewise, the incorrect call designed to the 911 emergency number will face suit.

In December 2014 metropolitan police created a totally new safety campaign underneath the slogan “You Will Never Walk Alone” for your exact reason behind ensuring people feel safer and securer stroll across the city roads and involving mobile patrols night and day by police patrolmen underneath the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s Patrol and Special Operation Division 191 or what is known “Patrolcop191”.

Calls may be demonstrated up at for that duty police officials on round-the-clock night and day figures operating while using the service, in addition for that 191 number.

Mother and father also produced official accounts on Facebook and LINE as “Patrolcop191” that folks give info on crimes, drugs or even they might need help plus situation of emergency. There’s in addition a http://internet.patrolcops191.com website.

Again prone to alert of tough action against false calls, wonderful incoming calls being recorded and surveillance cameras installed at various public telephone booths allowing police to discover fake callers.

Thailand has in addition launched a totally new 1111 hotline to acquire complaints from foreign people within the united states . states. The brand-new hotline is in addition for that existing 1155 Tourist Police Live Answering Services Company, with hotlines available 24 hrs night and day.

Foreign people must call the 1111 hotline for non-emergency matters. It’s staffed by representatives of 20 government ministries, fond of ensuring prompt response for people complaints received. Complaints received will most likely be coordinated while using center to related gov departments, condition enterprises and non-governmental organizations.